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Joe Mecca

Joe Mecca

Founder & CEO

Entrepreneurship is in Joe's DNA. With a business degree from Purdue, he is principled on delivering quantifiable results to clients. His clear vision and shrewd strategy light Nova's path. Joe believes XR is the future of communication.

For the last decade, JM has developed, sold, and managed multimillion dollar marketing campaigns and strategic endeavors for brands and government agencies in New York. He executes international productions and innovates operations through emerging technologies.

With a high sensitivity and a low tolerance for bullshit, Joe strikes the ideal balance between accommodating human needs and keeping operations on track and in swift motion.

Jacques Lalo

Jacques Lalo

Co-Founder & CDO

Jacques perceives each design process as a limitless fruit tree. Together with you he creates the tree’s trunk. Through an iterative process the tree becomes fractal, naturally spawning the most coveted fruit.

Through medical school and independent scientific study, Jacques discovered the biological mechanisms behind human sensory input. He understood DNA as a backend code to our front end perception of environments. The essence of creation became a clearer focus and is now evident in his XR design work.

After medical school, Jacques studied architectural, interior, and object design at three prestigious universities in Paris. An expert in 3D modeling softwares, you can see Jacques original designs throughout our website.

Dedicated to designing emotions, Jacques builds concepts and communicates through shapes and colors.

Kyle Kesses

Kyle Kesses

Co-Founder & CMO

Kyle simplifies complex concepts into plain language. He writes Nova's documents, represents the company at New York City events, and manages XR production.

In 2016, he won an Emmy award for writing and voicing a New York Yankees documentary series, later producing his own video series that was screened at film festivals in Los Angeles.

He believes in the power of human attention. The stories we tell ourselves, the stories embedded in our surroundings, and the stories distributed through media are the foundation of awareness.

Kyle’s belief in Extended Reality as the next step in media evolution inspires him to introduce new AR & VR solutions to businesses across industries.

Thomas Binetruy

Thomas Binetruy

Co-Founder & CTO

After earning his degree in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University, Thomas went on to design hydrogen fuel cell prototypes at Zodiac Aerospace. A year-long consulting stint at Ailancy in Paris was the final segue to his arrival in New York, where he became Nova's CTO.

A self taught and multilingual coder, Thomas builds VR prototypes and data visualizers distributed direct to Nova’s clients. His intuitive grasp of computer science mixed with his obsession for solving problems, leads him to create strong, efficient, and sustainable business applications.

His core knowledge of physics and how it merges with computer science makes him a rare breed among this generation’s XR developers.



3D Annimator

An aspiring 3D animator and CGI generalist, Grace works to create everything with the maximum efficiency and proficiency. She’s always looking to expand her horizons and reintegrate that knowledge back into her work.

Studying at the School of Visual Arts, Grace has dipped her toes into the world of XR and now prepares to take a plunge into the new medium as an art intern at Nova XR. As technology continuously integrates into the fabric of society, Grace believes XR will be the new frontier that will extend that technological integration.