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Live VR Stream






When live streaming virtual worlds, or 360 video, the key consideration is location.  Where we live stream decides how  we live stream 360 video.  A live 8k virtual reality broadcast from the Australian Outback might look a little different than from a live 360 stream top of the Empire State Building in New York.


Camera, PC and other hardware

Wiring and Connectivity
Live 360 video in 8k is the best resolution but requires the most connectivity.  Ideally you run c8s or fiber optive cables, depending on what is available.  



re are a few key considerations.  (1) Location.  (2) Connectivity (3) End User play.   Once you’ve thought through How the player will experience



Decide and detail the expected  immersive experience for the end user.  What will they do in this game?  How will they control the environment?  Are they on top of a meta-world skyscraper?  Are they in a crowd  of real people represented as low-poly avatars?  Maybe we are in an open field rendered realistically, going on virtually forever.


Scout location. 

 Once we decide what to build in virtual space we 

Design:  Consider possibilities, decide the best frame works.  Imagine scenes, characters, story-line, player engagement, environment etc. 

Define 40-100 page design specification to instruct development team.

Development:  Asset collection, project configurations, output proven.  Dev-cycles focused on core features.  The months of development required depend on the complexity and uniqueness of the project. 

The team consists of game developers, player experience designers, 3D & SFX artists, network engineers, and others.


Deployment:  Launching the project is an exciting moment, when the project is live!  Normally projects live as apps or websites.  Both have their pros and cons. 

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