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Every Industry. All Skill Levels. Turn-key virtual reality, augemented reality, projection mapping, and other 3D media creation, and on-site publishing.  MEGOs are Modular Electronic (Green) Objects that snap together to build strucures however you imagine.  They are equiped with sensors, AV and lights to deliver cutomized haptic experience.

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Easily Create & Publish

3D Media

Intuitive platform for non-techies, with online, meraverse learning community, documentation, tutorials, courses and consultations – every industry has equal easy access to delivering customized 3D media within days.

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DThese UI can pull infinitely from a database, maintaining highly personalizable, reliable and durable infrastructure  for creators to push the limits of their imaginations.


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Pieces snap together to easily build whatever shape you need.  These snap-together MEGOs are life sized blocks that are equipped with lights, speakers, cameras and sensors.  These sensors add the next dimension of emerging, allow us to enga ekinesthetics through heat, windo, and texture, along with the dimension of “time” being able to real-time render changes based on the player’s breathing rate, voice, and cognative load.

All the pieces are modular and easily snap together. YAY MEGOs!!

VR Prototyping
Custom Virtual Reality NYC - Build Metaverse worlds | VR Prototypes & App.

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