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Apprenticeships in Virtual Reality and Production


Want an apprenticeship at Nova?


Nova prides itself on developing talent. Our aim is to maximize your potential and output.  Apprentice management is individualized based on talents, skills, needs, and personality.


Why get involved?

Nova provides opportunities in game development, design, art, music, sound, graphic, software engineering, web development and marketing.


What to expect: 

Independence.  Challenges.  Support.  

Our objective is for you to learn and be productive.  You will be dedicated to a single project we together agree suits your skills and interests.  You will be briefed on the background, the objectives and our measures of success.  You’ll have peers for support, and tasks to incrementally target the objective.  We will meet weekly (or bi-weekly) to collaborate, calibrate and adjust the road map as needed.

We ask you work hard, hold yourself accountable, and support your peers.  


What Next:

Share with us your work and tell us what you want to accomplish.


N0va 3D

Virtual Reality Development

Via Barberia 13, Bologna Italia 40123

Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231