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Nova Research partners with universities and graduate students to explore, learn xr and share in the field of Human-Computer Relations.   The purpose of research is fundamental understanding virtual behavior and the influence of immersive media as to set and support Community Standards and Neighborhood Watch.

Id est, the simulation of experiences, real or imagined.

Learn XR

Our resources library is a collection of free and open source tools, that we build with or have found helpful in our production pursuits.  We’ve aggregated them here for your convenience and the growth of the community. You can find all the material by scrolling this page.

For custom XR tools, email :

Learn XR

To Learn XR via video tutorials

Create 3D Terrain

Nearly anywhere in the world, via satellite data

Lighting Systems in Unreal Engine

Download tools to run project, and edit live lighting in 3D world

Create Epic 3D Game

In as little as 3 days

Building Planets for VR Worlds

Using Unreal Engine, from ground to outter space

Learn to Build Virtual Reality

There are several ways to learn how to build virtual reality worlds. One way is to take online courses or tutorials that teach the basics of virtual reality development. These courses can teach you the technical skills and software tools needed to create VR environments and experiences. Another way to learn is to attend workshops or conferences on VR development, where you can learn from experienced developers and network with others in the field. You can also try experimenting on your own, using VR development software and learning from online resources and communities. It’s also important to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and developments in the field, as the VR industry is constantly evolving.

How to create a 3D world in a Game Engine

To create a 3D world in a game engine, you’ll utilize a game engine with 3D capabilities such as Unity, Unreal Engine, or CryEngine. Using tools within the engine, you’ll model 3D objects and terrain, often employing external 3D modeling software. These elements are then placed and arranged within the engine’s level editor. Additionally, you’ll employ scripting and programming tools to implement gameplay mechanics and interactive features.


Easiest Way to Create an AR App

There are several ways to create an AR (augmented reality) application, but the easiest way will depend on your specific needs and goals. One approach is to use an AR platform or toolkit that provides pre-built components and features that you can use to quickly build an AR application. These platforms typically require little or no programming experience, and provide user-friendly tools and interfaces for creating AR experiences. Some popular AR platforms include ARKit, ARCore, and Vuforia. Another way to create an AR application is to use a game engine, such as Unity or Unreal Engine, which provide support for AR development and come with a range of tools and features for creating interactive AR experiences.

When deciding on the most suitable approach, consider factors such as your project’s scope, technical requirements, and desired level of customization. Additionally, explore case studies and success stories from developers who have utilized different methods to create impactful AR applications. By thoroughly evaluating your options and leveraging the resources available, you can embark on a journey to create compelling AR experiences that captivate and inspire users worldwide.

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