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Nova Research partners with universities and graduate students to explore, learn and share in the field of Human-Computer Relations.   The purpose of research is fundamental understanding virtual behavior and the influence of immersive media as to set and support Community Standards and Neighborhood Watch.

Id est, the simulation of experiences, real or imagined.

Learn XR

Our resources library is a collection of free and open source tools, that we build with or have found helpful in our production pursuits.  We’ve aggregated them here for your convenience and the growth of the community. 


Custom developed N0va tools are free if you haven’t the money available at the moment. Or, we encourage you pay $2, $10 or $50 as so we can build more tools to release to the public!


For custom XR tools, email :


Learn XR


To Learn XR via video tutorials, go:

N0va 3D Metaverse Development

Via Barberia 13, Bologna Italia 40123

Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231

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