Nova XR

Based in Brooklyn

We make virtual reality accessible, by simplifying complex technologies.   We hack through the weeds on your behalf to produce projects made-to-order.    

We can build anything you can dream.

Nova Media is a small team of engineers, artists and developers building virtual reality worlds to spread culture, ideas and possibilities.  We develop content in an effort to democratize experiences around the world.  Last year we Live streamed 360-degree video from Jerusalem, filmed a music videos atop the Arc de Triomphe, recorded volumetric holographs of refugees displaced in Iraqi refugee camps.   Our post production is based in the Beard Street Warehouses of Red Hook – Brooklyn – across from the Statue of Liberty and the Upper Bay.   

Nova XR emerged from the firmly held belief that travel expands the mind.  From the desire to be rich in experience, not money.  To connect with people different than ourselves and embrace other lifestyles as our own, even if only temporarily.  We are driven to bring the world closer together by sharing in each others’ struggles and demonstrating support to our friends, to strangers and the collective world we live in.

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Nova XR Media Productions

481 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231