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Three Yazidi orphans escape ISIS and search for their family.

 Use Virtual Reality to travel to Iraq and meet the children in their home village. 

Learn their plans to rescue the family. 

Help them succeed.

  Volumetric Live Action | Unreal Engine 4


  Live Download January 2023


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There are still 3,000 missing women and children.  The Yazidi Fund supports the underground network of rescuers who continue their search and return. 

Learn how a rescue works. 


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What is Al Mafqud VR

Al Mafqud VR is non-profit media production to support The Yazidi Fund, which is a dedicated 501c3 nonprofit organization which resuces women and children yazidis captured and detained by ISIS in the regions of Iraq/Kurdistan and neighboring nations.  

Al Mafqud VR’s purpose is to simulate with a managable sense of realism, the rescuse operations of missing yazidis.   The virtual reality player spawns into a “meta-verse world”, th side of a mountain top in virtually simulatred Sinar, Kurdistan.  This region is home of the Yazidi people, a 5,000 year old community.   You see below a village nestled in the valley.  The holy Lalesh in the distance.  You hear above a voice clue you into their story.

Across three VR levels, you will participate in the story, and help the rescue.  You are sent on a mission, and your success in the virtual world game will have real world impact.  Every dollar you earn in the game, goes to supplies, transport and the other expenses of a rescue.


AL MAFQUD VR & The Yazidi Fund 1

The player will hands on learn about the Yazidi culture.  Their will be Yazidi artifacts, about the yazidi religion, customs and traditions.  Through a the poppy flowers, you portal to the second level, Mediha, and her family’s home village.  The yazidi village was scorn by Islamic State Miliantants and now you walk the aftermath.  Mediha recounts short stories, about her brothers, and their life in this house.  “This used to be Barzan’s craddle” as you come to a broken craddle on the ground. 

If you continue pass the other bedroom, through the living room to the back door you will encounter an animated avatar, Mo.  He is part of the rescue team, and his purpose is to recruit you.   He explains how it works, in a succinct, matter-of-fact way.  On the table is supplies.  First aid, walkie talkies, zip ties, et cetera.  The player can purchase any of these.  By making an in-game perchase of the virtual rescue supply, we will one-to-one buy the rescue supplies in Iraq.


They then take their rescue supplies to continue the game. If they do not purchase anything, they remain in a sandbox of play.  This metaverse world contains a scavenger hunt blending real world and virtual world clues. 

The player can explore 5 regions.  The mountains. The village. The outter village  Al Howl Camp.  And, Duhok.  The player can store inventory, collcet points and compete to lead the leaderboard.  The overall aim of the game is to earn contributions for the 501c3 by entertaining, educating and simulating with journalistic integrity, what is REALLY going on in the world.


Virtual reality can be a powerful tool for cross-culture understanding.   By producing a simulation of true happenings, we awaken peoples mind and possiblt spirit.  To feel as if you are on the ground in real Iraq, in real time, with real people, is a different form of media not yet explored.  The purpose of this project is to forge a way to (1) create a fun medium for participating in other’s live’s around the world.  (2) Develop a workflow and set high standards for privacy and ethics.


What is The Yazidi Fund

The Yazidi Fund

  The Yazidi funds distributes money to rescue personelle on the ground, native to the region, and connected to the missing people through family and community.  The yazidi fund pays for operations on the ground, such as cars, medicine, gas, boots, and other basic needs for the rescue of yazidi people. 

Who are Yazidis?

Yazidis are a minority religious group that primarily live in northern Iraq. They follow a unique religion that combines elements of ancient Mesopotamian religions with elements of Zoroastrianism and Islam. Yazidis are known for their strong community ties and their religious traditions, which include annual pilgrimages to a holy site in Iraq. They have faced persecution and violence throughout their history, and in recent years have been targeted by ISIS.