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Brooklyn Weed Dispensary + Delivery

Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, New York 11231


green hook



We provide easy access to the best weed in the world. 

 Our business is family owned and locally employed. 

We plant 100,000 trees per year, yielding approx. 420,000 tonnes of tree matter, removing approx. 148,000,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide  from the atmosphere to reverse global pollutants

Our mission is to deliver Earths best weed for the lowest price.  WEED FOR THE PEOPLE.  We provide unparalleled access to marijuana; with good humor and immemorable moments.  

 Recreational Marijuana comes with some limitations under New York State Law.  To reserve membership (access to purchase recreational marijuana) with Brooklyn Weed Dispensary and Delivery, of Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, New York 11231, please register below.  We look forward to serving you!   

Reserve Weed and Membership Now


Member: $90 per year


Membership to legally buy weed (up to 3 oz per day)



Toker: $350 per year


Quarter per quarter

Access to clearance buds




 Blazer: $1200 per year *most popular*

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oz per quarter

Access to clearance buds

Quarterly token toys




Chief:  Maximum access 

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 270 oz per quarter

Partnership in distribution


N0va 3D

Virtual Reality Development

Via Barberia 13, Bologna Italia 40123

Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231