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Build Metaverse Worlds

Anything you Imagine.

From playing concerts on the moon, to studying anatomy inside the human body.   

Virtual Reality promises to democratize experience as the internet democratized information. 

$100 / hour

Scehdule a Consultation

Determine feasibility of your idea, which technologies might be used, a timeline and cost of production.  Use this consultation to decide how to move your project forward.


Build a Prototype

 A 3D digital metaverse is the next major market frontier.  

See your idea in 3D space, workable in a VR headset and on a computer.  Environmental design, 3D immersive audio and basic interaction.

See the Pen vr Build2Works by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947

Virtualize Real Places

Recreate real places with integrity and graphical overlays

See the Pen Spherical Panorama (pure CSS) by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947


Immersive combat, adventure and play

See the Pen Only CSS: STARFOX Arwing Drone by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947

Physics & Data Simulations

Visualize data and manipulate physics

See the Pen Gravity (three.js / instancing / glsl) by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947

To earn money, you need to spend money! 

Click the dollar sign to get started

See the Pen NextParticle Valentines Preview by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947

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Virtual Reality