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Virtual Reality Retail

The fidelity of in-store

Th convenience of online

Retail in XR

VR Mall

travel virtual reality

From the comfort of home. VR Shopping Mall is a virtual space people to socialize, shop and discover new trends.  

New Year’s Eve

new years virtual reality

36 hours | 24 cities | Unedited | Uncut       Live 360° video from around the world    Multiplayer |Unreal Engine 4

New Years 2023








Retail in XR

Retail in XR

Your VR Store

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Offer the fidelity of in-store and the convenience of online.  

Metaspace is the next frontier for shopping. It provides all the convniences of buying goods and services online, while offering the visceral fidelity of being inside a store.  Instead of a chat-bot, you can be standing with a real employee.  Instead of guessing the quality, or size of a product, you can hold it to scale, in your hands, comprehending the height, texture and other physical characteristics of the good. 


All the same, metaspace, will remember your preferences, save items in your cart for later, and suggest complimetnary goods based on your profile. 


On the flip side, to bring more people into retail stores, in the physical world, brands are turning to metaverse solutions. By using projected light animations and 3D audio, we create immersive, enteraining, engaging 3D worlds sindide retail stores.  This model brings next-generation entertainment and thus attracts more traffic to stores. 

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