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We develop VR that brings you around the world.  Meet meeting in real time with Live 720 degree video streams. Venture through history in a gamified Unreal Engine build.  Sell plane tickets direct to consumers and experience vistas before visiting. 

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Travel through epic moments of history.

   Folklore.  Myth.  Religion. Kingdoms. Tribes. Science. Math. Physics. Medicine.       Personalities who made history. 

This simple game mechanic enables time travel.

travel virtual reality

New Year’s XR

36 hours | 24 cities

Live virtual reality from around the world.  Free to the public, all you need is internet.  Locations to be tested and confirmed October 2021. 

Multiplayer | Unreal Engine 4

new years virtual reality

New Years 2024








Make XR 

Create your own VR experience in the browser. Just add your own 360 photos and videos, name locations and share your own VR with friends.

VR is accessible broadly, if we slow down.  This website empowers you to step inside your 360 photos, via mobile, PC and VR headset.

VR Travel 1

N0va 3D

Virtual Reality Development

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