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Build Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality Defies Laws of Physical Reality

Anything you can dream, you can build. 

From playing concerts on the moon, to studying anatomy inside the human body.   

Virtual Reality promises to democratize experience as the internet democratized information. 

 A 3D digital metaverse is the next major market frontier.  

How Does VR Work?

Virtual Reality [XR] is created inside a “game engine” which is a software for developing 3D worlds with characters, objectives, rules and storylines.  These engines power the video game industry and Hollywood special effects.  A production consists of: Idea > Research > Design Specification > Technical Development > Testing > Refinement > Deployment and Publication > Distribution and Promotion.  

Variables That Comprise a VR Experience from the perspective of the Game Engine


See the Pen vr Build2 by nova media (@mecs13) on CodePen.38947

Ready to build virtual reality?  

Custom Design Specification


You can use this document to attract investment and timeline production/development hours. 

A Design Spec details the research, strategy, creative vision, technologies, frameworks, publishing option and financial feasibility.