Virtual Reality


COVID19xr Education a virtual reality edu-game inside the immune system, fighting Coronavirus.

Objective: Provide visceral education on COVID19 free for the public.

Visceral immersive game-play for the youth. 

Flatten the curve.



  • Anatomy 
  • Virology
  • Public Health

Save live; educate.

Please match our 3,000 hours to develop virtual reality education for youth.  Contributions of $5,000 and more are thank with special access to Collaborate XR  – a part of the new economic engine in the age of remote experience.

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Viral Education


Journey into the Body

UX – her eis the story of going into the body in breif detail anfd what the user experiences in regards to the battle of the virus and other related amtters.  


A deeper dive into the production and distribution of COVID19-XR education as a virtual reality software.

The Past, Present, and Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality Research: A Network and Cluster Analysis of the Literature – Frontiers in Psychology

Academic Research from Universitat Politicina de Catalunya, Barcelona – Spain.   Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been gradually introduced in the curriculum of schools given the benefits they bring to classical education. We present an experiment designed…

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Covid19xr will by available for direct download.

We’ll share with our network for viral marketing.

We anticipate a 50 million reach.