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XR Festivals


GIFF Virtual Territories | The Geneva International Film Festival

New York Film Festival |  and its Convergence line up – 57th annual, Lincoln Center

VR Arles Festival 2019  New edition in 2019 for the higly anticipated VR ARLES FESTIVAL will run 2 full months in the south of (sunny) France, alongside the Rencontres d’Arles, one the main worldwide

Sandbox Immersive Festival 2019 (line-up) Second edition for the Sandbox Immersive Festival in Qingdao, China, which will open June, 24th. As XR is strong in China, it’s always interesting to see the vitality of its

Raindance 2019 ⎢Immersive Stories (line up) Raindance Film Festival (link) will run from September 18-29: all details about the Raindance 2019 Immersive Stories program are below! See the complete line-up here. Raindance 2019 – Best Immersive

FEFFS 2019 Strasbourg | VR Corner |The European Fantastic Film Festival of Strasbourg

Cannes XR -| Cannes’ Marché du Film | An alternate reality to a film legacy, coastal Mediterranean

VR Days Europe | Church of VR| If you believe in immersive and interactive universes, have some faith.

360 Film Festival  | As international platform dedicated to all immersive formats (VR/360, AR, large formats), the 360 Film

Guanajuato International Film Festival 2019 ⎪ Realidad Virtual | The Guanajuato International Film Festival has placed itself as the most important platform for young filmmakers in Latin America. Beginning in 1998 in San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato City,

FESTIVALS Open City Documentary Festival 2019  | Expanded Realities From 5 to 10 of September in London , be ready for some immersive documentaries with the Expanded Realities section at Open City Documentary Festival. Presented in partnership with Digital

The Booster at Stereopsia 2019 One month to go if you want to apply for the Booster, a program created by the Stereopsia festival in Bruxelles which aim to help innovative 3D contents.

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