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Welcome !

Thank you for taking interest in our virtual reality (XR) business.  We are a network of researchers, designers, developers, programmers, and producers that create immersive media to share culture and empower learning.

We develop XR media such as interactive stories and multiplayer online-worlds through volumetric data, game engine software, “360-degree” audio/video, code, and other development tools.

Our mission is to create content that brings people, culture and experience together.  We build multi-player worlds that make remote-collaboration visceral, education embodied and world travel instantaneous.

We provide access to advanced technologies which empower you to build as big as you dream.


Learn more about our products, services and stories in the navigation menu on the top left!  Or, send us an email at Catanna@novemedia.nyc 



Yours truly,

– Nova XR Media Productions Team

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Nova Virtual Reality Productions

481 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231


Customize your own Virtual Reality Experiences

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