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Making Immersive Media


VR can be the holy-grail if you are in marketing, training, education, or sales. But how to use it is key, and situational. Thus, research predicated on your objective, industry and current state of affairs will determine a strategy. This means deciding parameters, such as the timing, budget, audience and your objective. Technologies change fast, so understanding when we are going to market, who is receiving the content and why, all factor into a coherent strategy. In the end, like any newly adopted platform or medium, we think and plan before we act.



Once we’ve clearly decided on parameters and performance indicators (How we measure success) we can design a program. Designers love designing brilliant concepts, but we need to make sure these lofty ideas designed plausibly. This is the phases in which we balance dreams and practicality.



The dev stage is when we actually get to work. This means collecting assets, creating art work, building workflows and structures. Think of it as excavating, framing and wiring the house. It is the skeleton that supports the program. After, we will dress is up will all our features and colors. Separate the must-haves from the nice-to-haves, and build a software that we can proudly utilize to drive the business objective.



Deploying an application and making it available to our audience, whether that is the public, or employees, will have been decided in the design process. Perhaps we publish to a website, or rather a downloadable application. The hardware and software vary slightly, and have various dependencies, so publishing, like any other medium, is focused on getting our content to our audience.



Once our application is live and in the wild, we will need to ensure it gets used. The greatest application in the world is not worth much if nobody uses it. Therefore, we bring it all together with a marketing program. Essentially, we get application accessible, to the right audience, with appropriate messaging, and the right frequency. Marketing our program will be the easiest part if do the rest correctly, but that does not mean to underestimate attention to detail. No reason to lose the game in the final inning. Marketing is how we bring the money home.