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Live Stream

XR Game | 360° Video | Syndicated Radio

Live streaming gives the audience to partake remotely, engage directly and sincerely imagine being present for the next event. Live-streams are a key tactic for marketing and entertainment, especially in this dawning era of remote-presence


Live streaming began as a 7-figure marketing program for Taiwan and quickly evolved into a tradition; broadcasting yearly with greater challenge and deliverables each year.

N0va Live Streams 1

In the last 10 years, we’ve streamed events big and small from the following locations, for both commercial and artistic purposes

Total Audience (millions)


Alice Springs

Mexico City

Grand Cayman


Rivera Maya




New York 


Game Play

  • 35,000+ Pre-registered Players

  • Points, leader-board, Badges


  • Inventory System

  • In-game secure payments

Pre-Registered Players

N0va Live Streams 2

Nova XR Media Productions

Brooklyn | New York

Custom Virtual Reality NYC - Build Shopping in VR Metaverse worlds | VR Prototypes & App.