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Happy New Year 2022
by Swarup Kumar Kuila (@uiswarup)
on CodePen.0

New Years in Virtual Reality 

VR Live Streamed from around the world

12 different timezones.  Unedited. Uncut.  36-hours of free, real-world, real-time.

 New York, Paris, Mexico City, Anchorage, Budapest, London, Cairo, Jeruselam, Taipei, Sydney, New Deli, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Moscow and 5 mystery locations.

Starting 2022-2023

Love traveling?  Want to visit every inhabited content in the world, for free, in a single night?  New Year’s XR is a live virtual reality stream designed to enable access to people, ideas and celebration.  The purpose is to prove the true and wholesome use cases of virtual worlds and modern technology.

New Years in Virtual Reality

Make your own VR

Free. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Use your own 360 photos

New Years in Virtual Reality is brought to you by


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