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Armonia is a story of love and harmony brought to life as a 360 animation and piano concerto. It premiered at the 2019 TriBeca Film Festival and was then featured two weeks later at Cannes in France. Nova was coordinated for the character design by partner studio Potential Synergy. Google funded the project. Armonia articulates the journey of discovery along the circle of life. It occurs among the abstract yet familiar sights and sounds of purity.

Nike in VR

Industry-leading brands are communicating through immersive media. It’s the ideal form of expression for today’s visual and experience-driven consumer. Here, Nova XR portrays Nike’s brand values with a library of VR-ready 3D model to scale.


Fluid Dynamics

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NYE Middle East

On New Year’s Eve 2019, Nova live streamed New Year’s Eve in VR for 12-consecutive hours. With one production crew in Ramallah and another in Tel Aviv, we offered transparency to a highly publicized yet often misunderstood region of the world. Earning more than 30,000 media impressions, this program was a proof of creative and technological concept.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for Nova’s 10-city broadcast on NYE’s 2019.

XR Medical

XR Medical is a training program for both medical students (in the classroom) and doctors (to refresh on critical surgical processes). In partnership with Carl Henningson of Ocean County Hospital, Nova is building a design interface allowing users to call 3D models, order functional requests, and test their knowledge. Hailed by Yale Medical graduates and professors, it is being developed with limited public announcements, but slated for release at the end of 2019.

Hard Rock Hotels

Hard Rock wanted to showcase their Rock Star Suite and garner earned media to increase fringe season bookings. We went to Mexico and programmed a live-show for 400 live event attendees and 55mm remote guests. The program delivered a 200mm gross impressions for a 168% return on investment.

Cayman Island

Not enough people understand the unique offerings of Cayman – so we created a content series that immerses people in island activities, ranging from a distillery tour, to a walk on 7-mile beach and in-parade festivities during Batabano! The project was dubbed “campaign of the year” by media giant iHeartMedia and yeilded and additional 40,000 visitors for a 181% Return on investment.

Sirin Music

In one of the most dynamic 360 music videos produced, Nova XR features the recording artist Sirin on an aerial journey across Paris. In the final cut, we bring you to the top of St-Denis Arch and other rare Paris locations not publicly accessible.

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