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An Exile Experience

A Virtual Reality and Immersive Musical






"EXI(S)T" is a VR and immersive theater experience premiering November 2019 in partnership with Town Stages of 221 West Broadway, New York. This exile experience attempts to demonstrates the struggle and strife of migrants to simply exist in society.

We have taken real stories of people once living in Mexico, Iraq, Nicaragua, Somalia, Palestine, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Brazil, Albania, Turkey, Kurdistan, and Syria.  They tell you their journey of searching for home and peace. 

These stories have been recorded with a 3D volumetric camera, and rendered into a 400,000-particle special effect.  The experience is full room-scale virtual reality and immersive theater.  Content was captured, developed and choreographed during the summer of 2019.

Partnership Options

New Years XR 2020

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You can make a difference.  Proceeds go towards hiring migrants because healthy work-lives provide purpose, value and community.

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Town stages, tribecA   

221 West Broadway,     

New York 10013

Community Learning 

Oct 15

Project Intro  

Oct 28

VR Demo

Nov 19

National Holiday 

Nov 23

AR Audio 

Dec 13

Concert Reading  

Dec 19

Musical Launch 

Feb 12


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Immersive Theater 6

Nova XR Media Productions

481 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York