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New Year's XR 1

Live Virtual REality

New Year’s XR

06:00  December 31  06:00 January 1

720° Stereoscopic 8k

New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Dubai, Taipei, Sydney and more



User Experience

Travel The world

  • 6-Degrees of Freedom
  • Free for everyone
  • Live for 36 hours 
New Year's XR 2


Play together.  With your best friends /family or new acquaintances, visit cities around the world.  Compete for glory – transverse the sandbox’s four seasons.  An epic journey for you and your squad, LIVE New Year’s Eve 2020-2021

New Year's XR 3

How it Works


New Year's XR 4


Arafat Square, Ramallah – Jaffa, Tel Aviv

Through dawn we were live in 360°-VR offering a transparent look at these cities during New Year’s Eve.  We chose these locations because of the challenge and intrigue.  

New Year's XR 5

New Year's Eve Live in Virtual Reality starts in....









New Year’s is available live over youtube and  For the richest experience players can download and install an application from the steam store, too.   Our 2020 broadcast will reach an estimate 10-million audience throughout the full production with a purchasing power of $520 million

New Year's XR 6
New Year's XR 7
New Year's XR 10

Nova-Nebula XR Media Productions

Brooklyn, New York