Our Current Projects

Virtual reality as art & enterprise

 Brooklyn, New York

 We develop xr media because virtual reality technologies democratize experience and empower learning.


 An exile experience.

Virtual Reality and Immersive Theater


 Animated 720° VR Story

Are you an artist, developer, or technician?

360° Animation

3D Character Design

An episodic XR journey for the entire family

Immersive Story Telling

Business in XR

  Virtual Reality Drives Sales

  XR digitizes and democratizes experience. 




Interior Design

Fluid Dynamics

Story Telling

Data Visualization

New Year’s Live

12 hours. Unedited. Uncut.

Live Streamed 360° Virtual Reality

from around the world.

Travel the World

Free to the Public

All You Need is Internet

Remote Access

All corners of Earth

Venture New Lands

A Global Celebration

Where do you want to go?

Live Stereoscopic VR

Customize your own Virtual Reality Experiences