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Roma Virtualized

Architectural Modeling 

This project is designed to make Rome and other architecture available as 3D models for game and experience implamentation.  The project will have the following user interface menu for navigation, filing, and sharing.

Rome-VR-March2020 1

As an Art

This Art project provokes thoughtful and charming, anecdotal evidence of pride in the legacy of history.  Architecture and classics.  We ruminate.

Rome-VR-March2020 2
Rome-VR-March2020 3

Technical Process

   – Multiple angles

   – Even shading and light

   – Accurate measurements

Rome-VR-March2020 4

Design Philosophy

Considering the omnipresence of toroidal flow in the physical world, it’s a challenge to narrow down the applications in Virtual Reality. The most effective VR content promotes mobility and interactivity, and the Torus is designed to facilitate these functions in all cases.

The project is foundational to build customized VR content.

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Concept, Business, & Potential

N0va 3D

Virtual Reality Development

Via Barberia 13, Bologna Italia 40123

Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231