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How we Build

People arrive to extended reality from varying industries, fields of study, and levels of technological literacy. Often, an initial XR experience ignites this question, “How do you build something like this?”

The complete answer is complex. VR development is rooted in principles of film, physics, and computer science. However, for your creative or business-oriented project, you will not have to delve into those disciplines.

After collaborating with you to understanding your vision, we design the project from start to finish. We then develop your program in a game engine.

This is a powerful, three dimensional computer environment capable of hosting massive data sets like 3D models, motion animations, and spatial sound effects. When first uploaded, these sets are often static. Our team of coders turns them interactive.

Working in phases we call sprints and writing in object oriented programming languages, it may take a few weeks or months (depending on the scope of your project) to complete a prototype. Think of this as a first draft. The dev team will then hand the drafted program to a group called play testers.

Play testers will “stress test” the program. Running it for long hours, the follow all conceivable user paths – uncovering stubborn bugs or glitches in the code. This process is arduously documented and reported back to the coding team. During the next sprint, as the coders add the program’s next layer, the play test documentation guides the way.


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