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3D Model Worlds

Immersive Storytelling

To integrate with the streets of Brooklyn, engage the city in their everyday setting, and sell 300 memberships in exchange for deep discount and exclusive access.

Below is a link to FBX, OBJ, AI, PS, PHP, CSS and Blender files for the 3D models, design specification and storyboard of Feral’s apparel brand production. 








The models were designed for web and virtual reality ;  taken from current imagery, brand charter and sample models.  We re-conceptualized the Nike brand to be interactive and immersive.

Virtual Shoe rendering, VR engageability, basic game elements.  2017 Summer Weekend event with Bushwick Brooklyn. 18,000 visitors; 1,400 leads generated, 440x units sold

Brands + Retail in XR 2023 1


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3D models (OBX, FBJ)

Source Files (AI, PS, Blend)

Web Publishing (PHP, CSS)


  • Units Sold 440x
  • Expenditures $53,000
  • Gross Impressions: 18,192
  • Conversion Rate: 2.4% GI and 11% of leads


Actionable steps to improve:

    • Add a loss-leader POS
    • In-game point, leader-board, social share
    • Dedicated web portal/server
Brands + Retail in XR 2023 2

The purpose of this project is to determine a feasible path to retailing in virtual reality.

Shopping as an engaging, magical, larger-than-life, shared experience.  We do this with the use of by developing an immersive environment rendering light, animations, and 3D audio to positively influence the shopping mood. 

Brands + Retail in XR 2023 3

Additional Key Performance Metrics

105,203 users engaged (online audience)

23,021 hours spent in Nike 3D space

135% delivery of promised production media



Return on Invesment

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It has been a pleasure working with you!  For inquiries message

All creative forms and drafts can be accessed through your dev-portal here.

Any new development can be discounted 10% if initiated within 90 days of current campaigns close. 

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