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The Mediha Fund

This fund is to support the rescue of women and children kidnapped by ISIS.  

3,000+ missing

More than 3000 people are still missing.  Many of these people are still enslaved to  retreated Islamic State fighters scattered throughout the region.


How to Rescue


(1) Identify a missing person, recently sighted or contacted

(2) Find a rescuer related to the family and attempt to make contact

(3) Orchestrate fixers, backstory, transport and safehouse. 

(4)  Reunite with family*

(5) State registration, education/psych programs, employment

A complete rescue of a kidnapped person costs

~ $10 – 15,000

Maybe contribute a small amount to the cause. 

donate with bitcoin


Want to Learn More?


Volumetric live action video | Unreal Engine 4


A Documentary by Hasan Oswald, Annelise Mecca & Fahrinisa Campana