Virtual Reality 


“New Year’s XR” is a Virtual Reality party connecting live public celebrations around the
world in a single web-application. Connect via phone or PC.

Free to the public.

  • Live 360º video via game engine
  • Simulcasted from 12x time zones worldwide
  • 48x consecutive hours in total
Moscow Virtual New Years 1

User Experience

All the camera streams are accessed through “portals” which are hidden inside a VR game.   Players explore the game collecting coins and searching for portals.  They can use the coins to purchase real and virtual items.

People access the party through their phones or PC. Based on pre-registrations, we anticipate 1-million active players. Players will compete to find portals, collect coins and directly purchase special offers.

VR Effects on Brain

Moscow Virtual New Years 2


New Year’s XR live streams for 44 consecutive hours. The first Destination: Sydney,

Australia [+10] and the Last Destination: Anchorage, Alaska [ -9 ] – at 24hr per location
(6:00, 31, December 2020 – 5:59, 1, January 2021).

Moscow Virtual New Years 3
Moscow Virtual New Years 4


We use 360-computer cameras on the ground, equivalence to Insta360 Pro Titan.

 Each camera is hardwired to broadband, and connected to a dedicated server that host the game-clients.

 Content is mirrored to and platforms such as Twitch and Youtube for a broader audience.

Moscow Virtual New Years 5


 10-million audience; avg income $100k+; travels 3x annum

 (1)   Pre-Promote on social media to 14+ million travel; tech enthusiasts (Awareness)

 (2)   6-45 years old with disposable time and money, play mini-games (Interest)

 (3)  Gamification – compete to win through game-skill Moscos knowledge. (Action)

 (4)  Invite them to book special offer direct to Moscow – (Commitment)


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