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Volumetric Video

Real people in live action

Data rendered into 3D point-clouds

Holograms for Augmented Reality and 3D Virtual Worlds.

Volumetric Video Production

Volumetric video is a technique used to capture and display live-action in 3D space.


How to Create Volumetric Video


Capture the content with a depth camera to create a volumetric video. 


Load the content into 3D program to edit the materials, coordinates, and settings to achieve the aesthetic direction desired. The footage is converted into a 3D point cloud, which is a set of 3D points that represent the subject’s shape and movement.


Next, reconstruct the 3D model from the point cloud with an algorithm that fill textures, materials, shaders. 

Capturing Encoding:

The 3D model is then encoded into a format to play back in real-time. This format includes information about the subject’s shape, movement, and appearance.


Play back the content on video, through a VR headset, or via AR glasses. The viewer can move around the 3D space and see the subject from different angles, creating a highly immersive, holographic video experience.


See the Pen Pixel Particles by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947

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