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3D Model Work

Immersive Storytelling

Below is a link to FBX, OBJ, AI, PS, PHP, CSS and Blender files for the 3D models, design specification and storyboard of Feral’s apparel brand production – March 2020.¬†


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  • 3D models (OBX, FBJ)
  • Source Files (AI, PS, Blend)
  • Web Publishing (PHP, CSS)
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The models were designed for web and virtual reality  –  taken from current imagery, brand charter and sample models, we re-conceptualized on to interact with the brand at life-size digital scale.  


As the new era of media, in which users engage life size digital media, we built to “inspire”.  All the content developed had an underlining message of inspiration, which meant to motivate, enthuse and confide.

This was dictated by the brand strategy, and each iteration was measured against it’s ability to live up it’s aim of inspiration. 

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Thank you

It has been a pleasure working with you!  For inquiries regarding the business or application of art work, message  For design and creative message 

All creative forms and drafts can be accessed through your dev-portal here.

Any new development can be discounted 10% if initiated within 90 days of current campaigns close. 

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