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VR Productions  

We develop virtual reality to spread ideas and culture. 

Here are some of our public projects.  



  Cinematic Virtual Reality 

Meet Mediha and Gazwan, in their hometown: Shengal, Iraq. They will spell out their mission and ask for you to join in the objectives.  You’ll be equiped with magic powers only possible through VR, and your actions with have real-world impact.  

This VR introduces you to the characters, setting and story of MEDIHA, a full feature documentary film. Learn how virtual production and immersive media are altering the entertainment landscapes.

Playing VR Games to Rescue Real People Kidnapped in Northern Iraq

meet the rescuers in vr

Drive the Streets of Iraq

Meet the Characters

In Live-Action Volumetric Video


An Award Winning Team

From the Producers of Higher Love, Love World Media and Story Telling Sisters bring you a story of captivity, survival, escape and hope. This full featured documentary and VR experience is the journey of a young boy's search and rescue for his three symbolings, and parents. 


 An exile experienc

Virtual Reality and Immersive Theater


 Animated 720° VR Story

Are you an artist, developer, or technician? Get involved with N0va’s VR productions.

360° Animation

3D Character Design

New Year’s Live

36 hours. Unedited. Uncut.

Live Streamed 360° Virtual Reality from around the world.

Travel the World

Free to the Public

All You Need is Internet

Remote Access

All corners of Earth

Venture New Lands

A Global Celebration

Where do you want to go?

Live Stereoscopic VR

Nova Team

VR Productions


Customize your own Virtual Reality Experiences

N0va VR Productions

vr productions