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Live Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

12 Timezones


36-consecutive hours of live VR; 720° degrees, omnidirectional video.  True 3D cityscapes imported into Unreal Engine 5

Unedited.    Uncut.

New Year's XR 2023 1


Multiplayer Game

12 Time Zones

New Year’s Eve live

Dance, sing, cheer with locals

3D VR interface, haptic controls

Taipei, New York, Bologna, 

9 more timezones to be determined.

See the Pen New Years Countdown! by J0emecca (@j0emecca) on CodePen.38947


New Year’s Sandbox

Live play

free To publiC


Points/Prizes (BTC)

New Year's XR 2023 2

Ready to Play

  1. – Created An Account
  2. – Entered N0va world
  3. – Turned on Play-Action mode

See the Pen nye21-2v by nova media (@mecs13) on CodePen.38947

N0va 3D

Virtual Reality Development

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Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231