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When users first enter Virtual Reality they often need instructions on how to navigate their new digital surroundings, so we created Bloomaway. It’s seamless virtual navigation powered by user intuition.

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  • Seamless 
  • Virtual
  • Transport
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Bloomaway smooths the transition into VR. By eliminating controllers, this internally developed software responds to manual action and optical focus, empowering users to dictate destination and pace of movement.


Dizziness in VR results from scene shifts within user vantage point. Bloomaway solves by loading environment transitions outside the user’s sightline. See the map, touch the destination, turn 180 degrees, and you’ve arrived. Dreamscape across nations and overseas with touch and sight.

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Bloomaway reduces business travel expenses (like those associated with employee relocation) by displaying properties, schools, car dealerships, city buildings, and providing general area orientation in VR. While some experiences cannot be replicated by Virtual Reality, others merge with it to reduce travel demands and maximize efficiency. Bloomaway ports destinations into VR and brings you to them.

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