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The Torus


The early days of Virtual Reality revealed a flaw in user experience. Like a computer without a mouse, Virtual Reality without the Torus is difficult to navigate. Inspired by VR’s fully immersive nature, we developed the Torus to reflect real world energy flow.

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  • Intuitive
  • Scalable 
  • Versatile
  • Limitless
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Making Nature Virtual

Energy flows in the same manner at all universal scales. Known scientifically as toroidal flow, it’s the energetic movement that powers our planet. Similar to the way light colors our vision, toroidal energy drives our perception of movement.
To maximize Virtual Reality’s function as a tool for enhancing real world experience, we’ve integrated this energetic flow into immersive technology, enabling intuitive mobility.

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Applying The Torus

Once the Torus surrounds the user, information emerges.  Glance down to access the bottom bar. Both information sources slide, change, and refresh in reaction to eye movement, controller commands, or interaction with a virtual wristband. Customize the Torus however you choose. Once information is selected, the featured content appears at a comfortable viewing angle within the user’s vantage point.

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Maximizing The Torus

Considering the omnipresence of toroidal flow in the physical world, it’s a challenge to narrow down the Torus’ applications in Virtual Reality. The most effective VR content promotes mobility and interactivity, and the Torus is designed to facilitate these functions in all cases.

The Torus is the foundational tool we’ll use to build your customized VR content.

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