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XR Architecture

Design to Scale

Before infrastructure reaches the physical world it is crafted on a 3D software. VR is the intermediate space between digital and physical. The architect steps inside his 3D structure to refine its precision.

XR Architecture 1

Why XR ?

Extended Reality

  • Expand potential
  • Increase certainty
  • Communicate to buyer
  • Financial efficiency
XR Architecture 2

Expand Potential

Today, more architects are gaining access to computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). These programs introduce a new language of forms and shapes too complex for the human brain to project and visualize. Virtual Reality is the technology enabling the mind to comprehend this imagery.

XR Architecture 3

Increase Certainty

In Virtual Space, architects inspect the relationship between the geometrical dynamics of a structure and it’s environment. Traffic flow, pedestrian movement, sunlight, and rainfall are among the variables to be evaluated from inside an environment replica.

XR Architecture 4
XR Architecture 5
XR Architecture 6
XR Architecture 7
XR Architecture 8

The Buyer

Receives multiple architectural proposals for major construction projects. When receiving a submission in Virtual Reality, the investor, often local government, makes a more informed decision from inside the Virtual Model.


XR Architecture 9


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