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VR Production Team 

 We produce virtual reality worlds as art and enterprise.

Joe Mecca

Joe Mecca

Founder & Chief Executive

Business | XR Development

Born to entrepreneurs in North Jersey, Joe was educated at Purdue University. He develops virtual reality (XR) for business and challenge.    

As a field producer for Nova Media, he and his team capture live XR content and develop it as interactive xr media.  Between 2018 – 2021 they pursued stories in Iraq, Kurdistan, Palestine, Turkey, Greece, and Albania for EXI(S)T, An Exile Experience – launching in VR late 2023 and at Colombia Univsersity, New York.

Joe is based in New York City, though often on the road for production work.  His core responsibilities are the operations and management of projects and sponsorships.


Jacques Lalo

Jacques Lalo

Co-Founder & Chief Design

Designer | Thinker | Artist

Jacques perceives each design as a tree in which can yield limitless fruit.  Together, you’ll bring ideas to a beautiful realization.

The deign process is iterative and enlightening,.  You will go on a journey of the human consciousness and be enthralled by new perceptions.  We are all interconnected, star dust manifested as people, and Lalo has a powerful way of producing representations of these individual-yet-universal experiences through his computer graphic art.

Jacques focuses his XR design work on the biological mechanisms behind human sensory input.  Utilizing 3D modeling software, JB is impassioned to communicate concepts by evoking emotions.

Kyle Kesses

Kyle Kesses

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing

Production | Marketing

Kyle wears many hats for the company, is very diplomatic, outgoing and reliable.  Day-to-day he writes copy, manages production schedules and ensures compliance with policies, objectives and key-metrics.

In 2016, he won an Emmy award for writing and voicing a New York Yankees documentary series, later producing his own video series that was screened at film festivals in Los Angeles.

He believes in the power of human attention and that “Extended Reality” is the inevitable leap forward for media evolution.

Thomas Binetruy

Thomas Binetruy

Co-Founder & Chief Technology

Code | Math

After earning his degree in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University, Thomas went on to design hydrogen fuel cell prototypes at Zodiac Aerospace. A year-long consulting stint at Ailancy in Paris was the final segue to his arrival in New York, where he became Nova’s CTO.

A self taught and multilingual coder, Thomas builds VR prototypes and data visualizers distributed direct to Nova’s clients. His intuitive grasp of computer science mixed with his obsession for solving problems, leads him to create strong, efficient, and sustainable business applications.

His core knowledge of physics and how it merges with computer science makes him a rare breed among this generation’s XR developers.

Grace Cham

Grace Cham

3D Annimator

3D Animation | Computer Grahics

An aspiring 3D animator and CGI generalist, Grace works to create everything with the maximum efficiency and proficiency. She’s always looking to expand her horizons and reintegrate that knowledge back into her work.

Studying at the School of Visual Arts, Grace has dipped her toes into the world of XR and now prepares to take a plunge into the new medium as an art intern at Nova XR. As technology continuously integrates into the fabric of society, Grace believes XR will be the new frontier that will extend that technological integration.

Marina Montesanti

Marina Montesanti

Theater Director

Theatre | Humanity

A New York-based theater director and producer that directing and coordinating theater in Johannesburg, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, and New York City.

Montesanti develops new works about untold stories of multicultural identities in the United States. The results of her work are healing, a force against cultural segregation and an optimist conductor toward hope.

Marina is the co-producer, conceiver, and director of the musical EXI(S)T.

Daniela Sandoval

Daniela Sandoval

Production Assistant

Humanity | Field Production

Daniela is an production assistant who strongly believes in the power of humanitarian work.

She studied Modern Languages and Interculturality in La Salle University in her hometown, Leon, Mexico. She has worked with the United Nations and various NGOs in New York, Bogota, and Haiti.

Daniela is the EXI(S)T XR media content production assistant. She was part of the media capturing process in Albania, Greece and Turkey.    Her sensitivity, creativity and life philosophy drive her.  She seeks to have a direct impact on improving immigration, human rights and cultural diversity.

Luis Huiza

Luis Huiza

Web Developer

Web + XR Development

Luis is a web and XR developer who is passionate about history and bringing greater attention to the refugee crisis around the world.

Luis studied at the New School, New York City.  As a gamer and computer scientist, he has an exceptional ability to focus and achieve objectives.  His attention to detail and accountability fuel him to deliver beyond expectations.  

Annelise Mecca

Annelise Mecca

Field Producer

Photography | Film Production

Annelise studied at Villanova University and The University of Amsterdam before her thesis in Lesbos and a short stint in Saudi Arabia.       

Annie is known for her persistence, dedication and infinite energy to make a positive impact on the world.

Her current project is a film “AL MAFQUD: The Missing” which follows the stories of underground-rescues of Yazidis still missing since ISIS incursion in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan).

Nick Karkut

Nick Karkut

Web Developer

Engineering | Development

Queens native of Polish immigrants, Nick spends his time coding and playing soccer for CCNY. His current projects include an interactive VR map of the world to integrate into New Year’s XR, Bloomaway and other projects using the Torus patented design.

Frank Schretlen

Frank Schretlen

International Business Development

International Sales | Business Development

Frank builds distribution networks.  Nova’s Eyes and Ears for Europe.  Experienced, entrepreneurial and result oriented. Marketing knowledge supported by a financial and logistic background. Fluent in Dutch, French, German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Lived and worked in Europe, India, Colombia and Brazil.

“VR and AR are the most efficient ways of learning and experiencing in the modern world”

Tommy the Tech

Tommy the Tech

Virtual Developer

Virtual Development | Automation

Written in HTML and functioning through python2, Tommy the tech is Nova’s virtual developer and administrative assistant.  He manages a wide range of tedious tasks, automated processes and data analyzations.

Born in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn – Tommy was written on Linux Ubuntu, MSI-Raider devtop by  Catanna via consultation of an anonymous Italian designer and Bangladeshi programmer.

Tommy’s objective is to innovate faster methods of production, while executing standardized work flows that save clients and developers time and money.

N0va 3D

Virtual Reality Development

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