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Infinite Gallery Virtual Reality
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Infinite Gallery

3D Display

As content creators transition to VR they’re met with the challenge of presentation. The Infinite Gallery, our original VR interface, is built to display content linearly.

Infinite Gallery 1

What to display?

Display Infinity

  • Your Art  
  • Your History 
  • Your Brand 
  • Your XR 
Infinite Gallery 2

“Welcome inside”

The experience begins in a space custom-designed for content display. A finger against the VR touchpad initiates movement. Remove your finger to stop moving. Continue like this to navigate the entire architectural structure. Just as in the real world, users can move their head to access 360-degree viewing.

Infinite Gallery 3

In Business

This interface is immediately applicable for basic 3D marketing. Regardless of file type, any visual content ports to The Infinite Gallery. Photographers displaying in 3D, galleries scaling beyond a physical location, and 3D artists creating VR-ready content from scratch are among early adopters.

Infinite Gallery 4

Show Your Story

The Infinite Gallery is a linear display interface in 3D. Upon reaching the end of your story, the user has connected with your brand.

Infinite Gallery 5
Infinite Gallery 6

Dev & Design

Color, Sound, & Programming FX

N0va Productions

Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231