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360° Animation

“an elixir for the spirit”


Behind The Scenes

Bracey and Anja Smith of Potential Synergy are the brains, body and soul of Armonia Festa.  As the artistic and technical leads they raised initial funding, recruited development work and gave this family of birds life throughout the end of 2018 and into the new year.   Armonia premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and had an international debut at Marche de Films at the Cannes Film Festival.

VR Studio
Bracey Smith

Bracey Smith

Director + Developer

Bracey is the chief creative developer at Potential Synergy, a VR and future tech startup based in NY.  He’s a creative generalist who loves to play at every end of the immersive media development line.
Anja Moreno Smith

Anja Moreno Smith


Anja is a writer/producer and Potential Synergy’s creative operations officer. She brought a little bit of her own magic and organization to Armonia’s development and production. 

Jacques Lalo

Jacques Lalo

3D Designer

Jacques is a seasoned digital designer for brands and VR/AR experiences. He is designs for Nova XR.  He is based in Paris, studying medicine and architecture at university.  ​

Joe Mecca

Joe Mecca


Joe records volumetric and omnidirectional video.  His background is in media and travel.  His studio was hired to produce graphics, strategy and festival representation for the project Armonia. 

What to get involved?

Cinematic Evolution

Today, single softwares, such as a “game engine”, make productions more powerful complete-platform media.  From 360° Animation to video, graphics, music, et cetera.   Armonia automates marketing materials saving 45% of content production costs.    This automation XR content technology is called “PSi”.  

Today, major media productions are marketed as brands. No longer is the task simply to create a film. Producers must enrich the film’s brand with a behind the scenes and spin-off content from posters, to videos, games, music and so on. 

Armonia Festa is an on-going proof-of-concept foraying old ideas, to create complete transmedia assets at a 70% reduction in labor.  

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